NOTD! Halloween Blood Splatter

It's that time of year!:)

Quick cell phone update, sorry if the quality of the picture is crappy.

The polishes I used were:
Red Stiletto by Rimmel
White on by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

What do you think?

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Review: Perk Up Artist Concealer Kit by Benefit

Hey guys! I again have failed to commit to my blog. Honestly, i'm exhausted from work.

But today I am going to do a review for you on a product that I have purchased by Benefit Cosmetics.

This product is called "Perk Up Artist." It has 3 shades that are supposed to conceal redness, cover dark spots or under eye circles, and brighten up your look. It also comes with a little instructional book telling you how to use everything, and also a double sided benefit brush.

Some people were not a fan of the packaging..but I actually like it! It's colorful and it really got my attention :P
It's a good size, and I think would be great for travel or to stick in your purse. 
It's a good size, and I think would be great for travel or to stick in your purse.
Each concealer comes in its own pan space with a plastic cover that snaps open and shut..which I LOVE! How hygienic:)

Moving onto the performance! So I do love Benefit concealers. I have tried Boi-ing and erase paste, with I made the mistake of thinking they would be of the same quality. They are not. They do have lss coverage and less pigment.

The yellow corrector for redness, truly does work though. I don't have as much redness as I used to, but I do tend to get a little red around my nose and on my cheeks, and it concealed that perfectly. It also works well for the eyelids.

The "cover" corrector, which is the beige color..however was not my favorite. I have only used this palette about 3 times so I am playing with it still, but this one seems to really put me off.

I have a light skin tone, and no matter what it looks dark on me, and actually brings out my dark circles more. I felt it does a great job covering blemishes, but for dark circles (which is the main area I conceal) was horrible. I feel like this shade would be best for medium skin tones.

The last of the bunch..the pink brightening shade is wonderful. In the booklet they tell you it will work best in the inner and outer corners and I agree. In my opinion it looks pretty under the eyes as well. It is the most pigment out of all them.

Would I recommend this product?
Maybe. If you are someone who uses a lot of concealer and has a lot to cover up, you probably won't like this. In my opinion this kit is ideal for touch ups or if you need something to travel with. The formula is def. not Benefit's best.

So in conclusion, I don't hate this product, but I don't love it, and I would not re-purchase it.

I give this product a 5/10.

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Drugstore Haul!

Hey everyone! Sorry I dissappeared again. It's been a few weeks. I went shopping a few days ago and got some things at Target and a few at Ulta. So I hope you enjoy!

The first two things I got are lipsticks from Revlon. The first shade is in 'Sultry Sable' and the other(my favorite!) is in 'Black Cherry.'

Sultry Sable is a Dark Brown with a plum undertone.
Black Cherry is the PERFECT plum, and perfect shade for Fall.

L-Sultry Sable, R-Black Cherry

Next I picked up a blush by ELF in the shade "Pink Passion." It's pink, obviously and it is quite beautiful! I would describe it as a "Bubblegum Pink." I have tried ELF blushes before and I love them and they are only $3, You can't beat it!

I also got a bronzer from NYC. I've heard a TON of raving reviews on this "Sunny Bronzer." I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it lives up to all the hype. This was also $3.


Lastly, from Target is from Neutrogena and it is their "Healthy Skin Eye Cream" that is supposed to be a Multi-vitamin treatment to help moisturize the eyes and reduce the appearence of fine lines. I have only used it for a few days, so I can't give a real opinion on it, but so far, i'm liking it. I mainly wanted to get this because under eyes lately has been really dry. But I will let you know if it is a big fail or not. It was somewhere between $10 AND $12.

Now onto Ulta! I got 4 NYX jumbo pencils and one of their waterproof Glam Liners. The NYX JP I am obsessed with. They are nothing new to me, I have many. I wear them as bases for shadows and even on their own. They are wonderful and you can use them for anything.

The Glam Liner however, IS new to me. Ulta got these in last month, I believe. They are liquid, I have tried it now, and I like it a lo
t! The pigment is nice and bright and it lasts all day.

Cottage Cheese- shimmery white.
Milk- matte white.
Sparkley Green- exactly what how it is!
Knight- Dark grey.
NYX Glam Liner in Aqua Luxe- Aqua with shimmer

Last two purchases!

2 Nail Polishes from Sally Hansen.
Flirt- Nice and vampy! A dark plum with red undertones.
Golden I- Pretty gold!

Have you tried any of these products?

Have a great day, ladies!!

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NOTD: The Black Knight by Butter London

I am LOVING this polish! Just a quick update from my phone on what's in my nails. :) What is on yours?

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Small Bare Minerals Haul and Review!

Hey everyone:] I'm back today with a small haul. I picked up some Bare Minerals products from Ulta a few days ago so I thought I would share! I generally like everything from Bare Minerals. It was my first "big girl" foundation and I still use it time to time. I own many of their products and i'm a frequent buyer of BM!

The reason I went to Ulta was originally just to get this moisturizer. It is the "ADVANCED PROTECTION SPF 20 MOISTURIZER." This will be my third one that I have purchased, but the first full size! It's 30.00 for 1.7oz and this time I also decided to get the moisturizer with the SPF 20 in it, beings it is pretty much summer 24-7 where I live.

This line of moisturizers has one for every skin type. I get the one for combination. They also come with tint or without. I get it without. The scent is very subtle, natural, and almost herbal like, but very hard to notice. The texture is extremely lightweight and non-greasy. It does take about 2 minutes for it to absorb into the skin. As far as packaging..i'm all for it. It has a pump and I love pumps.

The brand states that this moisturizer is supposed to reveal brighter, smoother, younger looking skin. It's also supposed to help reduce the appearence of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. I can't speak for all of those but it does give your skin a nice radiant glow when worn alone, and def. helps with reducing pore size. It has been my favorite moisturizer for months now.
Next I checked out their newest Ready Eyeshadow Quads, and I have a TON of their original loose shadows but none of the solids so this was my first. With Autumn in my mind, I saw this quad called "The Happy Place" and thought it was perfect. The quads go for 30.00$ and their duos are 20.00$

The packaging is very similar to Nars. It's the rubberized plastic. Very sleek and cute, but can be kind of hard to clean.
Peace-semi-matte peachy/beige color.
Imagine- copper with a lot of orange in it. it is also the most shimmery out the bunch.
Exhale- matte, cool brown.
Euphoria- this one is my favorite! it is a GORGEOUS burgandy color.
(From Left to Right- Peace, Imagine, Exhale, Euphoria)

all the colors blend easily and the quality is really nice. I will def. have to get more of these!

And lastly I picked up one of their Moxie glosses in the shade "Free Spirit." This one is new and I think limited edition. I have been wearing it NON STOP since I got it. It is a beautiful color, and all the moxie glosses have peppermint in them, so it makes your lips tingle. It also gives a slight plumping affect!

Here is a swatch!

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul/review!

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2 months of Empties!

Hey everyone! Like the title says..I have 2 months worth of empties. I meant to do one last month, but I just ended up getting really busy with work, and summer! So I looked into my bathroom closet and saw this little pile and looks like i'm hoarding trash. LOL. So I wanted to get this post up!

Neutrogena make-up remover wipes: 5.99-6.99$
 I absolutley love these. They are hands down one of myh favorite ways to remove make-up. They are gentle, they are soaked with product on them which I LOVE. It feels so refreshing and really does a great job at getting off even waterproof make up. They don't dry in the package, leave your face burning, or leave a yucky residue on your skin. They are also completely safe for eye make up I totally recommend these. I've re- purchased them a dozen times.

Korres Pomegranate Grenade make-up removing wipes: 12.00$
These I finished but not so much loved. Or even liked. First off I have heard AMAZINGGG things about their make up wipes for dry skin, so beings my skin is oily these were supposed to be the wipes for me. At the time I was trying a bunch of new skin care products plus these and I had a couple break outs/issues with my skin. After using these all up, and everything stayed the same but these..I realized they were the problem. They made me break out, they left my face red for a few minutes afterwards, they are NOT good for eyes, and honestly were not that great for removing make up. The reason I stuck with them is because the purity wipes by philosophy(which is one of my favorites) the first few times I used them, my face did turn red and stung a little bit but that went away after a couple days so I thought the Korres wipes would be the same. It didn't. I will not be re purchasing, I don't recommend them. The ONLY thing I liked about them was the smell. If you see these wipes, I would pass.

Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser- 12.00$ for this size
I like this cleanser a lot! Since I used it up 2 months ago I have a new facial cleanser that I love a little bit more but I have re purchased this one a couple times so I do love it. I just wanted to try something new.

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray travel size- 9.99$
I got this free a while ago, as a gift with purchase at Ulta. It is for oily skin. You spray it on before you put your foundation on, and afterwards as well. It is supposed to make your make up last longer through out the day but also control shine and oilyness, and it totally does. I love this stuff. I just wish it wasn't 28.00 for the full size.

Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume 7-9.00$
This mascara is not just one of my favorite drug store mascaras..but of all time. I have really long lashes already that are straight and hard to keep a curl. This mascara makes my lashes look awesome. It holds a curl and really lifts and seperates them and gives them the perfect amount of length. Love, love, LOVE!!

Elf Brow setting gel- 3.00$
It is okay. If you put to much it tends to flake and make your eyebrows..crunchy. So you just have to be careful of that. It's two sided. One side is a brow gel and the other is a clear mascara but I used them both for the same thing. Does NOT last long though. I was done with both sides in about 3 weeks.

Kenra Blow Dry Spray- 12.00$
One of my favorite hair products! It smells like coconuts, which is one of my favorite scents, and it comes in 3 different sizes, so I like that. It is a thermal protectant but also is supposed to make your hair dry quicker when you use it, and it absolutley does! If you are in a hurry..this stuff will be a savior to you!

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat 7-9.00$
A really good top coat! It makes your nails super shiny and smooth and it kind of gives a finish that makes it look like you have shellac nails or just got a gel manicure. A ton of people asked me if I was wearing gel nails, whenever I used this top coat.

That concludes by empties for this summer! Can you believe summer is coming to an end? I feel like 2012 s going by way to fast.

Anyways, I have a Haul coming up for you this week:) So expect that later on!

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Hey Guys! I wore this look a few days ago to work. Sorry there is no close-ups but as you can see I thought to do this in the car.

Primer- Face Magnet by POP Beauty
Foundation- Naked Skin by Urban Decay in shade 2.0
Concealer- Stila
Bronzer- Park Ave Princess by Tarte

Primer- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base& Inner Corners - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk"
The rest is from the eyeshadow quad "Stylish Smokes" by Maybelline!

Waterline liner: Bare Minerals "9pm" (dark brown)
Liquid liner: Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
Mascara: Big Fatty by Urban Decay

Black Amethyst lipstick by Pur Minerals

Hope you guys enjoyed this and as always have a wonderful day:)

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