April Favorites!

My first favorite is my Urban Decay Ammo Palette. This isn't by any means new to me, and you can tell by how beat up it looks! But I adore it. It has awesome colors. You can do a neutral look, day looks, night looks, bright ones. This palette is def. one of my favorites by them. If you have used UD you know their shadows are superrrrrr shimmery. The only problem I ever have with the palettes is the fall out, but i've just learned to do my eye make up first with it, and foundation later when it comes to these. If you haven't tried UD, I suggest you do! The color pay off is great and they have amazing pigmentation. I will have a post up soon with swatches, and a FOTD with it:) This palette is one of their less expensive ones, and you can get it for 38.00 which is a great price for 10 of their shadows.

Also by UD is the De Slick setting spray. Not full sized, obviously. This was a gift with purchase. This size is usually about 10$ though. You put it on before you do your make up and after as well. It's getting HOT, and this is around the time when I get really, really oily. So I tried this just in time. When its out I will for sure by the full size. It kept my oil completley controlled. I did not look shiny ONE BIT. It is a good make up setter! It keeps everything in place.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in "Dollface"
This is my first blush my Tarte. I currently use their foundation, and have tried tons of stuff by them and i've never been disappointed yet. I just think this color is so pretty and perfect for spring. It doesn't have warm or cool tones to it, which I love. It's completely neutral and will look flattering on ALL skin shades. It is advertized as you are supposed to be able to wear it for 12 hours straight and it look fresh still. THAT I don't know about. Don't get me wrong, the pigmentation is fine, it's very good. But i've worn it for 8 hours, and I would say around the time I took it off it looked like it faded a little. But i'm okay with it. I don't mind re applying it because it is so pretty. It's a light, baby pink color. Here is a swatch-

I can't remember the exact price but I think they run for about 25.00, maybe 28.00 and I WOULD buy another.

Keeping with the pink theme! I have been reaching for my Revlon Lip Butter in "Sweet Tart."

I'm not going to rant to much about these, there are so so many reviews. I was thinking about making a post and swatching the ones I have and reviewing them, but i'm not sure if I will. There is so many already! But I LOVE these. They are perfect for people who hate lipstick but want to add color to their lips. They are creamy, make your lips soft, and for a lip butter have crazy pigmentation. I find they last a good while too, maybe about 5 hours? I always get compliments wearing this.

They are about 7 bucks! Such a steal.

Benefit boxed power in "Georgia Peach"

This product is discontinued, which sucks. But i'm glad I got it when I did. You could find it online i'm sure and for much cheaper. A lot of people think this is a BLUSH though and it is not. So when I seen horrible reviews for it I couldn't understand it. And it's because people think it's a blush. It's a face powder. And it smells really good ^_^ But i've been using it as a highlight and I love, love it. Really simple and light peachy gold color, very subtle, but totally build-able if you want it to be not as subtle.

Boscia Balancing Facial Toner

I only have one skincare product this month as a favorite. My skincare routine is pretty much the same, for months at a time. I don't change it often. But I have never used a toner before. I received this free to review. It retails for 24.00. I love it! It calms my skin down A LOT. My skin is ultra sensitive, so i'm always nervous using new products. But this didn't irritate it at all. It got rid of some of my redness, and it is a really good for hydrating. It has a lot of product in there, so I like that. You can't tell in the picture but the toner itself is a light pink color. It is also good at getting any dirt or yucky stuff out of your skin that your cleanser didn't get. I bought this with me on a car ride from Texas to Florida, and in the car my skin actually gets dry. So I would just spray this, and it fixed me right up. I even had make up on, and it didn't ruin it. Really refreshing!

Urban Decay 24-7 Glide on Pencil in Demolition

I have recently switched from black to brown eyeliner for my water line. It doesn't look as harsh! It is water proof, smudge proof, and doesn't budge through out the day. Very long lasting.

Laura Gellar Spackle Under Make Up Primer in "Bronze"
25-30.00(I can't remember!)

Sorry, about the lighting! It was so dang bright in my house. It is a bronzey make-up primer, you can wear alone or under make up. I started using this a few weeks ago, and I am loving it. If you have light skin, don't be afraid to use this. It's not dark at all, but does give you a gorgeous glow. It doesn't feel nasty like those silicone feeling primers, this feels like a moisturizer. It is perfect for smoothing out your skin to prep it for foundation. If I am feeling lazy and don't want to wear make up, I usually just put this on to add some warmth to my skin and even it up a bit.

Studio Gear Stippling Brush

This brush was ridiculously expensive. But well worth it. Not a fan of ALL SG brushes, but this one was a keeper for me. It's very soft, and dense, which I like, and gives me a good coverage, and hasn't shed once yet.

Thanks for reading:) What were your favorites this month?


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Too Faced "Natural At Night!" and FOTD

The colors featured in this palette are:
Full Moon: Shimmery champagne color.
Night Cap: Light brown with a satin finish.
Cocoa Star: Dark brown. Matte.
Night Light: Shimmery, light chocolate brown.
After Hours: Shimmery taupe.
Eclipse: Deep burgandy.
Spotlight: Matte. Beige, but it has yellow undertones.
Moon Stone: Deep green with golden shimmer.
Night fever: Black with green under tones.
The packaging is the same concept as the majority of the Too Faced Palettes. It opens up, has 3 cards in it, to demonstrate how to do 3 looks using the styles Night, Classic, and a Fashion eye. It has the magnetic in it to keep it closed also like the others, and 9 colors. 7 of them being shimmers and 3 of them being matte. It retails for 37$ at Ulta and Sephora and is one of their newer palettes. It's very purse friendly considering, the palettes are a lot more sleek and slim, from how they used to be. They were bulky little suckers! So personally, i'm glad they took out the little drawer with the brush. Wasn't a fan of that.

To create this eye look I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" for the Inner corners.
The shadow "Night light" on the inner 3rd of my eye.
"Moon Stone" on the lid
"Night Fever" in the outer V and crease.
Lorac Pro Liner in Black to darken my lash line.
Too Faced Metallic Eye Liner in "Black Beauty" on my waterline, but I didn't bring it all the way out.

*I love Too Faced palettes. They haven't yet disappointed me, and for the quality they give, I don't mind spending the 37$ on them. Even though the colors are shimmery, I haven't had a problem at all with any fall out, as long as i'm doing the patting motion.
*The color pay off is amazing. They don't fade AT ALL, they stay beautiful and vibrant, so being highly pigmented and crease resistant is a big plus for me.
*They blend easily, have a gorgeous, silky texture allowing it to apply nice and smooth.
*And even though it says Natural at Night, you can easily modify the colors to make a pretty and wearable day time look.

My favorite colors out of this palette are Full Moon, Eclipse, and Moonstone.

I definitely going to do at least one more FOTD with this, maybe more. I want to use the color Eclipse. In my opinion eclipse is a really good dupe for MAC's eyeshadow "Sable."

Overall, I would recommend it.

I hope you ladies are having a wonderful day! For once, it is not absurdly hot in Texas, and it feels awesome outside:) Perfect Spring weather!

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My top 10 Spring Nail Polish Picks!

Here are my Top 10 favorite Spring Nail Polishes!

From L-R
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Mellow Yellow and Coral Reef
Essie- Secret Stash and Turqoise and Cacos
China Glaze- Electric Pineapple.
Electric Pineapple is an awesome Green/Yellow.
Butter London- Teddy Girl. Teddy Girl is not showing up true to color, but it is a very pretty milky pink. Almost like a baby pink.

From L-R
OPI- Plank A Lot from the Pirates of The Caribbean Collection, Gargantuan Green Grape, and Fly from The Nicki Minaj Collection. My last NOTD(yesterday) was Fly if you'd like to see that.
Revlon- Whimsical and Blue Lagoon

I realize I put top 10 and there is 11, but Whimsical and Blue Lagoon I always pair together, so I just counted it as one. Although Blue Lagoon is gorgeous on its own. Pictured above, I just wanted to show how Blue Lagoon looked on its own and with Whimsical over it.

What are your favorite spring nail polishes?

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Nail of The Day!

Hello lovelies! I, again intended to have a post up way earlier then this, butttttttttt work has kicked my butt again this week. Tomorrow I will be putting up my top 10 spring nail polish picks but for now, this is what has been on my nails this week.

This color is called "Fly" and it's from the Nicki Minaj collection by OPI.

I was even working when I took this! Lol Can you tell which make-up stand I am by??

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My March Favorites!

A little late. but thats okay;)

First i'll start with my most favorite hair product of the month. I regularly use the "It's a 10, Miracle Leave In Treatment"..I have used it every single day for about a year and it has made my hair 10 x healthier looking. I have discovered the mask as well now.

Its called "Its A 10" because it's supposed to do 10 different things to your hair:
1. Detangle
2.Restores Moisture
3.Restores Elasticity
5. Smoothes
6. Implants shine
7. Enhances natural body
8. Nourishes
9. Defrizzes
10. Improves color vibrancy.

I wanted to start using a mask on my hair a couple times a month. My hair tends to get a dry during the hotter seasons. I live in Texas, so..it's already getting extremely hot! I do not color my hair anymore, I let it grow out pretty long, and then cut it short, so now it is all grown out and my natural color, but the issue I have is all the hot tools I use on it. It stresses my hair out pretty badly and in combination with the Texas heat, sometimes it gets a mess! This helped a lot:) I got mine at Ulta and it retailed for 28.00

Now make-up!

Tarte Bronzer in "Park Ave Princess."
I started using bronzer again this month! I really only use it in the Spring/Summer. In the Fall and Winter, I actually really like to embrace my pale skin. This bronzer is by Tarte. Its in the shade Park Ave Princess. I believe it was somewhere between 20-25$. It has a little bit of shimmer in it, which I love. It's a very subtle glow. I think if you have medium-dark skin it might not show up as well. For me, it's the perfect color. It's very natural looking and has golden tones. I like to use it on my temples and on the top of my cheeks. It's great for contouring as well.

Smashbox soft lights duo in Under Cover.
This has been one of my favorite blush and highlight duos this month. I actually got this for like 5$ on Haute Look last summer. The blush is a beautiful light rosy color, and the highlight which i've been using basically ALL month, is a really pretty super light pink color with shimmer in it. I put it right at the took of my cheek bones, and it gives a nice glowy look.

Stila Sparkle Luxe Lipgloss in "Fairy Dust" 11.00

If you have an Ulta near you, go snatch these up! Because they were 22.00 and now they are 11.00 I have no idea why they are getting rid of these specific lipglosses because they sell quick. There is only 4 different ones to begin with so maybe they were just a special, but when they went on sale I was sure to pick up 3 of them, but this one is by far my favorite.  It's a peachy pink color, I would say more peach and it has a TON of glitter in it. It's not chunky, you can't even feel it on your lips. My husband was a big fan of this one!
Here is a swatch-

The stay power is ridiculous! It is so good. It's barely even sticky, which I don't mind if it is. But if you don't like sticky lip glosses, these would probably be great for you.

E.l.f blush in "Candid Coral" 3.00
These blushes are extremley good and extremley affordable. The packaging is very sleek and kind of reminds me of the nars blush packaging a little bit. It comes with a BIG pan of product in it, so I like that. But the color itself is just gorgeous. Coral is obviously really in this spring. It's a lovely coral color with gold flecks in it. Nice pigmentation, the staying power is pretty good. The only negative I could find about it, is these blushes are a a little bit "chalky." Not overly. But if you're a texture freak this could bother you. Overall it was one of my most used blushes this month, and I was a big fan of it.

Purity Made Simple Make Up Removing Wipes 20.00 by Philosophy

These we're a splurge for this month. Normally I would not buy 20.00 make-up wipes because there are drug store ones that work just fine. But Ulta was having beauty steals all month and this one caught my eye. They were on sale for 10.00 so I got two packs, and i'm glad I did. I really liked them, i've heard love/hate reviews on them, but all the negative things people had to say I didn't experience. On the package it does say you are supposed to feel a slight tingle, which I did, and I didn't really mind. I just felt like it was really cleaning my skin. It took the make-up off really well, and my skin looked brighter and clearer after a couple days. Will I buy these again though? Probably..NOT. But they we're a nice treat to get, and the 2 packs will probably last me a long time. They do have twice as many as normal packs of wipes do.

What were you beauty favorites this month? Have you tried any of mine? :)

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