My favorite "easy" go-to look! FOTD

primer: face magnet by pop (check out my review!:)   
tinted moisurizer: Paula Dorf in "Jet Set Glow"
foundation: Pur Minerals
No Concealer
under eyes: Well Rested by bare escentuals

a little bit of bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and temples.

I used: Park Ave Princess by Tarte

Lid: Well Rested by Bare Escentuals just to brighten them up

Winged out liner: I use Loracs Pro Liner ( such an awesome liner!)

Water Line: Too Faced Eye Pencil in Black Beauty

Mascara: 3D Multiplex by Lorac

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie

and that's it! :) It takes less then 10 minutes, and looks pretty put together.

Would you guys be interested in knowing my full foundation routine?

Also; I went shopping today and have a HUGE make up haul coming up with both high end and drugstore make up. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

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Primer: Too faced shadow insurance
Lid: Smashbox limitless cream shadow in "Quartz" with Urban Decays "Toasted" over it
Crease: "Hustle" by UD
Mascara: Lights, camera, lashes by Tarte

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Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Shadows used:
Pink pigment by NYX
Hot Pink by NYX
Mellow Yellow by NYX
Milk by NYX in inner corners and highlight
Flash by Urban Decay
Smashbox Limitless eyeliner in Onyx on waterline
Lorac Pro Liquid liner on lid
Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes (and not a huge fan.)

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Pop Beauty Face Magnet and Lip Magnet Primer Reviews!

POP Beauty was kind enough to give me a couple of their products to try out, one being the Face Magnet Primer and the other being the Lip Magnet Lip Primer. First of all they sent them in the cutest POP Beauty bag.


First i'll start off with the--
Face Magnet Face Primer- This is hands down one of my favorite primers ever. My "Holy Grail" Primer is the Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot...but it's 50$. So I can't always just run to the store and grab it when I run out.

This primer is sold at Ulta, and as far as I can tell..I think it's just ULTA that carries it in the states, I don't believe Sephora does, but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure, this line is based out the U.K. But this primer is just as good, if not, better then my Napoleon Perdis one and the price is light years better. It's 26.00, which is not bad at all for a high end primer. I know the Smashbox, Too faced, and I think Stila are around 35.

Pop Beauty says that this primer is supposed to "work as a magnet to lock in your face make-up all day," and I have to agree. It really works wonderfully at keeping your make up in place, and looking bright and beautiful all day, making your make up and skin look FLAWLESS.

I like this primers texture as well. I'm not a huge fan of your average silicone based primer. I don't "hate" them, but I prefer more of a lotion feel which this one and the Napoleon Perdis both are. It's thicker, but it's still light, and it soaks into your skin really quickly. It's not sticky, or something that will weigh you down and feel heavy on your face. I have really oily skin, so it didn't make me more oily, or shiny, or anything like that. It's water based and oil-free, and it does help out with oil-control. It also helps with redness, minimizing pores, and making your skin extra smoothe.

This primer is not just great for keeping your make-up stay on but it has a lot of skin benefits as well. It has licorice root in it, which is supposed to be really good for dry/cracked skin, or skin that has a lot of redness, or skin that gets irritated easily. So it actually helps heal the skin. It's also really good for those with Eczema. So if you are someone who has eczema, and your having a hard time finding a primer, this one will be perfect. Anything with licorice root is awesome for your skin because it's so soothing.

Another ingredient in it that I thought was cool, is that it has caffeine in it. My skin NEEDS this pick me up in the morning. It's basically a shot of espresso for your face. It wakes it up, plumps it, brightens, firms, and makes it look more youthful and revitalized. HUGE FAN OF THAT.

And lastly, i've tried it with basically every type of foundation. It works amazingly for liquids, pressed powders, and loose powders. I've been using this primer for almost 3 weeks, and I love it. I definitely recommend it.


It is a light beige color, with a clear circle in the middle.(Sorry for the bad pic! It didn't look so bright on my camera! :(    )

Lip Magnet Primer-
This one retails for 15.00 and again, you can get it on the pop beauty website or at Ulta. I have never used a lip primer before, so I don't really have anything to compare it with, so  bare with me!

One thing I did like about it though is that it's really nourishing and makes your lips superrrrrrrrr soft, and that's probably because it has vitamins A&E in it. The only other ingredient that I recognized was Omega oils, and that is supposed to be good for plumping the lips. WHICH I honestly didn't see a huge difference. It really didn't make mine look that much fuller. So it wasn't a drastic difference for me. But it does work well for filling in those lines in your lips, or if they are cracked, it will fill that in as well.

It does say it's supposed to prevent feathering in lipsticks and glosses, and plump the lips. Like I said..didn't really plump mine, but it did help with preventing my lipstick from getting feathered or weird looking through out the day. It did make it last a little bit longer, then it would without a primer as well.
Something I disliked though, is the smell. IT SMELLS TERRIBLE. Once you put a gloss or lipstick over, it's fine and you can't smell it anymore. But first applying it, it's horrible.

I like this product, but i'm not CRAZY about it like I am the face primer. As soon as that runs out, I am totallllllly getting another. But I didn't like this enough to buy it again, and I am an unsure if I would recommend it. Maybe because it is my first lip primer, so I don't have anything to compare it too. But i'm not disappointed with it. I'm just not in love.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this review! PLEASE let me know if you have tried this brand, and your opinions on it! Also U.K people, is this a big brand where you live? I'm curious.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day:)


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May Favorites!

Pur Minerals 4-1 Pressed Powder Foundation- I have really been liking this stuff! I am never to crazy about pressed powders, but this is probably my favorite pressed foundation of all time. It has a medium-full coverage, covers blemishes/redness without a problem, and it has skin care ingredients in it, which is supposed to help maintain oilyness through out the day, which I believe it does, since I have really oily skin, and haven't had an issue with this. It feels really light on the skin, which is a plus. The only thing I don't like is the chisel brush you are supposed to use with it from Pur Minerals. It sucks. Do yourself a favor, and just use a kabuki brush it.

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara- This one, I won't spend forever going on about because I talked about it alot in my last post, it was included in my Ulta Haul. But to sum it up, it's a great mascara. AMAZING for holding a curl, especially in already long/heavy lashes. It has jojoba oil in it to moisturize your lashes, the formula is nice and consistent, doesn't dry or flake, really lifts them and makes them look thicker, and gives a little bit of length as well. Plus I love any mascara brush that has the spiked end. It just makes it way easier to get those lashes in the inner and outer corners.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lipgloss in "35MM"- This was also in my Ulta haul from last posts, so I won't talk to much about this one either. Basically, I just love the color. I own nothing like it, I think it's perfect for summer, it's long lasting, and looks good with just about anything. I will post a swatch at the end of this post:)

"Sweet Good Morning Kiss!" by POP beauty- This brand is new to me, and I got sent a couple things to review by them, which is coming up soon! But this one I actually bought, because I loved the other products so much. It's a lip exfoliator, and it has natural sugar grains in it. It has a sponge applicator, and when you twist the bottom of the wand, the product comes out of an opening in the sponge. It feels AMAZING on your lips, and has made a huge difference in mine. It sells for ab out 14.00, but I think you can find it for a little cheaper on amazon. I've really been liking wearing this alone, it leaves a nice shiny gloss looking effect on your lips.

"Girl Meets Pearl" liquid highlighter by Benefit-
I got the mini of this for 8.00 just to try out, and I really do like it. It's a bright pearl color, that I put at the top of my cheeks, and just brightens everything up. Again, i'll swatch it at the end:)

Smashbox Cream Shadow in "Quartz"- This month I discovered Smashbox's Limitless 15 hour Wear Cream Shadows, and the one I bought is called Quartz. They are 19.00 each, and kind of my new best friend. It works great, as a base, and a shadow to wear alone. If I didn't really feel like spending to much time on my eye make up, I would just prime them, put this on alone, and add some eyeliner, voila. Makes for a nice neutral/natural looking eye. This color goes with EVERYTHING. I've used it with both neutrals and brights. It blends easily, and I haven't worn them for 15 hours, but i've worn it for about 10 and I had absolutley no creasing and it stayed vibrant all day, and did not smudge or slide around my eye. These are in NO WAY a dupe for the maybelline color tattoo ones. Yes they are cheaper, and easier to get, but these ones are much better in my opinion, and nothing alike, not even the formulas are similar in any way.

Stila blush in "Seashell" and highlight in "Pacific Coast Highway"- This palette was limited edition last year in Stila's beach collection so i'm not sure if you can still find it. I love the palette, the eyeshadows are gorgeous, but this month I have just been loving the blush and highlighter. I kept telling myself, I would do something with the shadows for a FOTD but I never did. Anyways, the blush is gorgeous! It's been my go-to basically every day this month. It's a pretty, light "peachy pink" with very subtle shimmer in it. Pacific Coast Highway is a light peach, and goes perfectly with Seashell:)

Not the best swatches, sorry! Bad lighting, and not so great camera.
Left-35 MM, Middle- Quartz, Right-Girl Meets Pearl

Thanks for reading yall!
I'd love to hear some of your favorites, so don't forget to comment!

Have a great dayyyyyyyyy:)

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