Welcome to my new page! :)

Hey guys! I've been a little M.I.A from the blogging community lately. My husband came home from overseas, so I have been working a lot and spending time with my lovebug! I decided to ditch Tumblr as far as "blog" posts, because no one even blogs there anyways o_O So if I ever feeling re-blogging or looking at cool pictures...I will be on there! For the most part i'd like to be here now and try this out.

This page is going to be a little less personal then my last. More so to rant about make-up :)
But a few things about me:
My name is Heather.
I live with my husband, Dustin and our two animals Gremlin and Mac:)
I live in Texas near Fort Hood, but I am FROM NJ and miss it like crazy.
I work at Ulta.
I love doing hair and make-up.
I went to school for Cosmetology but would like to eventually go back for something else.
I'm a complete nerd.

yeahhh :)

My first "real" post should be up very soon!!

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