My March Favorites!

A little late. but thats okay;)

First i'll start with my most favorite hair product of the month. I regularly use the "It's a 10, Miracle Leave In Treatment"..I have used it every single day for about a year and it has made my hair 10 x healthier looking. I have discovered the mask as well now.

Its called "Its A 10" because it's supposed to do 10 different things to your hair:
1. Detangle
2.Restores Moisture
3.Restores Elasticity
5. Smoothes
6. Implants shine
7. Enhances natural body
8. Nourishes
9. Defrizzes
10. Improves color vibrancy.

I wanted to start using a mask on my hair a couple times a month. My hair tends to get a dry during the hotter seasons. I live in Texas,'s already getting extremely hot! I do not color my hair anymore, I let it grow out pretty long, and then cut it short, so now it is all grown out and my natural color, but the issue I have is all the hot tools I use on it. It stresses my hair out pretty badly and in combination with the Texas heat, sometimes it gets a mess! This helped a lot:) I got mine at Ulta and it retailed for 28.00

Now make-up!

Tarte Bronzer in "Park Ave Princess."
I started using bronzer again this month! I really only use it in the Spring/Summer. In the Fall and Winter, I actually really like to embrace my pale skin. This bronzer is by Tarte. Its in the shade Park Ave Princess. I believe it was somewhere between 20-25$. It has a little bit of shimmer in it, which I love. It's a very subtle glow. I think if you have medium-dark skin it might not show up as well. For me, it's the perfect color. It's very natural looking and has golden tones. I like to use it on my temples and on the top of my cheeks. It's great for contouring as well.

Smashbox soft lights duo in Under Cover.
This has been one of my favorite blush and highlight duos this month. I actually got this for like 5$ on Haute Look last summer. The blush is a beautiful light rosy color, and the highlight which i've been using basically ALL month, is a really pretty super light pink color with shimmer in it. I put it right at the took of my cheek bones, and it gives a nice glowy look.

Stila Sparkle Luxe Lipgloss in "Fairy Dust" 11.00

If you have an Ulta near you, go snatch these up! Because they were 22.00 and now they are 11.00 I have no idea why they are getting rid of these specific lipglosses because they sell quick. There is only 4 different ones to begin with so maybe they were just a special, but when they went on sale I was sure to pick up 3 of them, but this one is by far my favorite.  It's a peachy pink color, I would say more peach and it has a TON of glitter in it. It's not chunky, you can't even feel it on your lips. My husband was a big fan of this one!
Here is a swatch-

The stay power is ridiculous! It is so good. It's barely even sticky, which I don't mind if it is. But if you don't like sticky lip glosses, these would probably be great for you.

E.l.f blush in "Candid Coral" 3.00
These blushes are extremley good and extremley affordable. The packaging is very sleek and kind of reminds me of the nars blush packaging a little bit. It comes with a BIG pan of product in it, so I like that. But the color itself is just gorgeous. Coral is obviously really in this spring. It's a lovely coral color with gold flecks in it. Nice pigmentation, the staying power is pretty good. The only negative I could find about it, is these blushes are a a little bit "chalky." Not overly. But if you're a texture freak this could bother you. Overall it was one of my most used blushes this month, and I was a big fan of it.

Purity Made Simple Make Up Removing Wipes 20.00 by Philosophy

These we're a splurge for this month. Normally I would not buy 20.00 make-up wipes because there are drug store ones that work just fine. But Ulta was having beauty steals all month and this one caught my eye. They were on sale for 10.00 so I got two packs, and i'm glad I did. I really liked them, i've heard love/hate reviews on them, but all the negative things people had to say I didn't experience. On the package it does say you are supposed to feel a slight tingle, which I did, and I didn't really mind. I just felt like it was really cleaning my skin. It took the make-up off really well, and my skin looked brighter and clearer after a couple days. Will I buy these again though? Probably..NOT. But they we're a nice treat to get, and the 2 packs will probably last me a long time. They do have twice as many as normal packs of wipes do.

What were you beauty favorites this month? Have you tried any of mine? :)

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Kelseylovescosmetics said...

Hey love! Great favorites:D That elf blush looks gorgeous, I might have to try that one out :)

Blackmentos said...

Lovely stuff! I need to be giving my hair more love now that it's long. I can't get my hands on any of the things you have over here but they look great! :)

Nevena said...

Great products! I love the ELF blushes too, a little goes a long way. Love your blog :) I'm following!

kakuidori said...

oh i envy you guys... wish i could find these here but nooo... then again we always want what we dont have, right?
that lipgloss looks incredible pretty!

oh and thank you for you comment on my blog, youve got a new follower!

Heather said...

yes they do! thank you:)

Heather said...

true! there are so many things in Europe i can't get my hands object that i want!

you're welcome! i followed back:)

Nee said...

thanks so much for the comment on my blog <33
& happy easter!


Heather Honey said...

I bought an Elf blush last month but haven't tried it yet. I'm glad to hear it's good!

Heather said...

I was surprised! 3$ is great for a good blush=]

Inggrid Monalita said...

Nice favorites<3

Wanna follow each other?

Have a great day!

Jessille said...

awww...very nice all
btw lets follow each other

Every Day Rachel said...

I love hair masks cause I have been growing out my hair. I really want to try the 10, but do you think it works better than slightly cheaper alternatives?

sleepandwater said...

Lovely products! That Smashbox duo looks gorgeous in particular, the shades are so pretty. I haven't tried Stila lip glosses though I've heard great things about them - wish they were anywhere near $11 where I live though (not that it ever goes on sale :p).

Sarah said...

Love your favorites! I've been wanting to try Park Ave. Princess, I think I'll finally take the plunge!

Heather said...

Im sure if you look around you could find something similar!:) I just love the brand so I figured i'd give it a try and I really loved it.

Heather said...

Its awesome! Let me know how you like it if you try it out:)

Floortje said...

I really love your blog!
Keep posting dear!!


Anonymous said...

i use the neutrogena make up remover wipes but they always leave a weird moist slippery feeling on my face and they say you don't have to wash your face after. how does the philosophy ones compare? have you used the neutrogena ones?

Heather said...

@ Denise
I have used them! I actually do like them, but yes you are right they are extremely moist. The philosophy ones don't leave that sticky residue or wetness on your face so I did not have to wash my face after. The first few times I used them, they did kind of sting though! Now it just feels like a really light tingle and its nice. It feels very clean! I like both:)

Anonymous said...

good to know! i'm definitely gonna give the philosophy ones a try

Boho Vanity said...

it's a ten is my go to product right now- it smells divine too :)

Jordan xx
- Boho Vanity Giveaway -

Heather Honey said...

I've nominated you for the Blogger Appreciation Award! :)

Heather said...

Aw thanks girl!!! :D

Georgie said...

awesome awesome blog!! xoxox

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