My late June Empties!

Hey y'all!
I feel like it's been forever..AGAIN!!
My husband and I, just last week made the longggg drive to move from Texas to Florida, so i've been a little occupied with that, and we still haven't got our internet set up. *dies*
But that will be fixed in a couple days:)

I didn't want to make a big, long post for I am sitting a Starbucks right now using their wi-fi so I figured I would post products I have completely used up in the month of June.

*Purity Made Simple Facial Cleansing Cloths by Philosophy
- At first, I didn't like these wipes. I believe I already have mentioned them in 2 posts, so i'll make this short. My first 2-3 times using them, they burned my face and made it slightly red. Not so appealing, eh? But the more I used them, that went away, and I actually noticed break outs clearing up, and my face appearing healthier looking and just a lot brighter and clearer. These babies are 20$ so, it's hard to justify buying 20$ face wipes in my opinion. The reason I got them in the first place is because they were on sale for half off, at 10.00, so I figured why not! They are truly awesome. But are they a "must have"..? I'm not sure. I'm going to buy some different wipes and see if there is a drastic difference in my skin. If you want to spoil yourself a bit, definitely give these a try:) You can get them at Sephora and Ulta.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub-
I'm in LOVE with this stuff. I use it about 2 or 3 times a week, depending on my skin really. It's Oil-Free, it has no parabens, and it is supposed to clear up break outs, without over drying. This is my first used up one. It lasts a pretty long time as well, I bought this in the beginning of February, and I just ran out a couple days ago. I would recommend this to EVERYBODY. I went through a phase where my acne, got so bad, I was buying facial products from 10$-50$, getting facials, not wearing make up, etc. I tried everything. Someone recommended this to me and I was really doubtful it would work because it was only 3$ but I tried anyways, and I am so so happy I did. I will be re-buying this like..tomorrow. Lol. It is now a staple in my facial regimen.
*Its A 10 Miracle Leave- In- This is one of those things where when you run out of them, and you feel a little sad inside. I use this every single day on my hair. It is WONDERFUL and my husband is crazy about the way it makes my hair smell. He loves it, so that is a huge plus in my book as well :P I use it after every time I wash my hair. This size retails for about 18.00, and you can get it at Ulta, and I know some salons sell it. I think i'm actually going to do a separate review on it.

That Gal Brightening Face Primer by Benefit-Confession..I am a primer whore. I don't know what it is about face primers, that I seem to buy them so frequently, but I..have..a TON. It's scary. Little personal fact about this primer though, is that I used it so much, that when I could tell it was getting more towards running out..I stopped using it! I was saving it for a special occasion, that was like a month away..and then forgot about it. So that didn't work out. But I finished it this month, and of course, I still really liked it. It's a light pink color, and it smells so good. It smells like strawberries and cream. And although, it is an AWESOME primer and I love it dearly..if you are looking for a legit "Brightening" primer..I would pass. I didn't really see it as brightening. But I would still re-purchase it, because it is a great face primer. It's really lightweight, non-greasy, and it holds the foundation on your face perfect.

*Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil-
I re purchase it, every time i'm out. I always get the original because it doesn't have the shimmer in it, like the other mineral veils do by Bare Escentuals. It is a really nice soft texture, you only need a little bit. To much will make your face look white, and washed out. It's are not supposed to see it! Lol But yeah, it has been my favorite finishing powder for years, and if during the day I am feeling oily, I sweep some of this over my face, and voila. It mattifies it instantly, and the shine is gone.

*Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara- I just got the mini of this one on a whim at Ulta a few months ago. They always have the little trial size things up front, I can't resist! This mascara is okay. Not really a lengthening mascara, which I like. But it is absolutely a thickening mascara. If you already have long lashes, and just want them to be lifted and appear thicker, this is a great one for that. However..It's a really dry formula. BUT it doesn't flake or clump. Personally, I still can't get over it the dryness, so though I used it up, I will not be re-purchasing it. I was not a fan of the brush either. It's massive and kind of flimsy.

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Ashley Marie said...

I adore the St. Ives body scrub, it's so amazing! Great post :)


Betzy's Makeup said...

Great empties!

sleepandwater said...

I used to use the St Ives apricot scrub years ago and remember that I really liked it. I think I need to buy another one again and start using it again :)

esmeheredia said...

i used to love the St. Ives scrub until i found out that it is really harsh on your skin. I would suggest you stop using it. The apricot seeds in it create microscopic tears on your face. Use it on you feet or elbows instead :) try the St. Ives green tea scrub it's more gentle!!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Thanks for the info! I'll check it out:)

Kelseylovescosmetics said...

Lots of empties, yay! Haha :) Thanks for commenting on my post love!

kakuidori said...

wow, you empty a lot of things! and great reviews on the products ^^

Heather said...

I know! I usually never empty anything >__>

4utea said...

That lip butter looks great on you! I love it- I've seen it and I really want to get that one but I'm trying to use up what I have... It will make me feel super guilty buying another one lol. Your liner is perfect and your hair looks super cute! cheap prom dresses

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