Review: Perk Up Artist Concealer Kit by Benefit

Hey guys! I again have failed to commit to my blog. Honestly, i'm exhausted from work.

But today I am going to do a review for you on a product that I have purchased by Benefit Cosmetics.

This product is called "Perk Up Artist." It has 3 shades that are supposed to conceal redness, cover dark spots or under eye circles, and brighten up your look. It also comes with a little instructional book telling you how to use everything, and also a double sided benefit brush.

Some people were not a fan of the packaging..but I actually like it! It's colorful and it really got my attention :P
It's a good size, and I think would be great for travel or to stick in your purse. 
It's a good size, and I think would be great for travel or to stick in your purse.
Each concealer comes in its own pan space with a plastic cover that snaps open and shut..which I LOVE! How hygienic:)

Moving onto the performance! So I do love Benefit concealers. I have tried Boi-ing and erase paste, with I made the mistake of thinking they would be of the same quality. They are not. They do have lss coverage and less pigment.

The yellow corrector for redness, truly does work though. I don't have as much redness as I used to, but I do tend to get a little red around my nose and on my cheeks, and it concealed that perfectly. It also works well for the eyelids.

The "cover" corrector, which is the beige color..however was not my favorite. I have only used this palette about 3 times so I am playing with it still, but this one seems to really put me off.

I have a light skin tone, and no matter what it looks dark on me, and actually brings out my dark circles more. I felt it does a great job covering blemishes, but for dark circles (which is the main area I conceal) was horrible. I feel like this shade would be best for medium skin tones.

The last of the bunch..the pink brightening shade is wonderful. In the booklet they tell you it will work best in the inner and outer corners and I agree. In my opinion it looks pretty under the eyes as well. It is the most pigment out of all them.

Would I recommend this product?
Maybe. If you are someone who uses a lot of concealer and has a lot to cover up, you probably won't like this. In my opinion this kit is ideal for touch ups or if you need something to travel with. The formula is def. not Benefit's best.

So in conclusion, I don't hate this product, but I don't love it, and I would not re-purchase it.

I give this product a 5/10.

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Jessica said...

this is so cool. i dont really use concealer though :/

Kelseylovescosmetics said...

What a bummer :/ Weird about the middle shade. Wonder why its so dark!
Also I saw you commented on my giveaway! Make sure you enter your information in the rafflecoptor widget so it will enter you:) I didnt see your name on it so I thought id let you know<3

Daisy Quijada said...

Cool! Thanks for your post it reminds me that i have to buy a concealer. :D


Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

aww, that's such a disappointment from Benefit, would have expected more from them, thanks alot for the heads up. your review is so helpful! :)

EyeGraffiti said...

Haha love that man with sunnies on the front!!!
Too bad about the caverage part but hey think of it this way, it's nice to have a light cover concealer from tine to time. Say you have a very good covered foundation and then you can use this to not end up with a beyond cracked face!/Azure

Betzy's Makeup said...

This looks like a must try

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