Too faced Natural Eye Palette!

I absolutley love Too Faced, and pretty much everything I have tried from them. This palette is not by any means new! I got it last summer, but it is one of those things, where I got it..I love it, I used it constantly then it kind of got lost in my make up drawer, and I didn't use it for a while. But its been back in my life for a solid 2 months, and I am just as impressed with the colors as I was when I first saw it.
The first thing I love about it is the packaging. Its not bulky like the old too faced palettes used to be, It has an awesome color selection, and they all flow together so well, yet you can make completely different looks with them, and the texture is really nice.

It comes with 3 cards, that give you a thorough description on the 3 looks you can do with the palette. The first row is Classic, the second is Day which is slightly more dramatic, and the third is Fashion, which is the most dramatic. I also think its good how they threw a few matte colors in there! The colors are easy to blend.
In this post I will show you my two favorite looks I do with this palette.

This is the "Classic" look with the matte colors, its the first row, and I do use this according to how they want you to use it. They just look really nice together, it's subtle, it's natural, and although they are matte, they blend very easily.

I use Heaven in my in corners and as a highlight, velvet revolver on my lid, and sexpresso on my outer corners and in the crease.

And finally, these are the swatches to my FAVORITE look, and the one I have been wearing nearly every single day.

I use Silk Teddy on my inner corners and my highlight, Push Up all over my lid, and Cocoa Puff in my crease and on the inner corners.

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262Trinity said...

I love the look! your blog is great

new follower

Dorota said...

Wow, greate make up:) Thank you for your comment:) I follow your blog.

beautyfashionbyme said...

Great Post! oh and amazing blog! I just followed. I would love it if you could stop by at my blog and follow and leave some feedback.

Wida said...

It looks fantastic!!

Missing Amsie Blog

beautyfashionbyme said...

sorry for not following! Must of been a mistake... but i know why. I can seem to find where i can follow you:( There is no followers widget.

Kelseylovescosmetics said...

I love this palette! Somehow..not sure how.. I lost mine?LOL
but really gorgeous looks you did with this , love your blog!
Following back <3

Simera H said...

This is one of my favorite palette, it's perfect for everyday. Love the look doll.
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Sarah said...

That's a great palette, love the looks you did! You're so pretty!

sweetaholic-beauty said...

Two things...
1. I LOVE this palette, I have it too and it's just amazing!
2. Your eyes are GORGEOUS! They are just perfect! :)


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