Mini drugstore haul! and I am BACK!!

Hey Lovelies! Good grief. I've been M.I.A for 2 weeks, and I apologize. I was stressed out from work, and had some personal issues I was going through with myself, so anytime I had off from work, I just needed to clear my head and relax. (My husband&I are fine, it had nothing to do with him!) I was just a little stressed out and feeling down, but I am back! And I have a drugstore haul:)

UP&UP Kabuki Brush-
I haven't used a pressed powder in forever, and recently purchased one to try out. I wanted to apply it with a kabuki brush beings I was just using it to se liquid foundation in my T-zone. Beings it's not an every day brush I use, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. So while I was at Target in of course the make-up section, I was on the hunt for one. I have felt the ELF one before..didn't like how it felt. It felt a little flimsy. My intentions were to actually get the eco-tools one or the real-techniques one..felt the Real Techniques one..didn't like that either, and they were sold out of the eco-tools one. I have not ever tried anything from UP&UP.. but i'm glad I decided to pick this one! I absolutley love it. It's amazing. I think it was only around 4-5$ and it is SO soft. The bristles are extremely full and dense. I've only had it for a week but it hasn't shed yet. I def. suggest checking it out!

E.L.F eyeshadow brush $3.00-

I have tried blushes from e.l.f but thats it. Researching some of their products, this seemed to be really popular. A lot of people really seem to love their eyeshadow brushes. I just got one, to test it out, because like I said above I have felt their kabuki brush, and also their powder brush..was not a fan. I know they are generally either 1 or 2 dollars, so what can you expect. Some products are gunna be great, some are not. Anyways, i'm a fan of the brush. I have a ton of eyeshadow brushes, but I have been using this one since I got it, because 1. Its newest to me and 2. It's a pretty good brush. Nothing amazing, but it does the job and it's inexpensive. I use it to pack shadow on my lid, and overall I am pretty happy with it. I would suggest it, and definetley to those who are just starting out or to those who don't want to spend a fortune on brushes and still get good results!

E.L.F brow gel and clear mascara duo 3-4$

Also curious to other elf products besides the blushes I have used I picked up this as well. I generally just use a cheap clear mascara anyways to set my brows, so I figured I had nothing to lose! At first I didn't like it. I put the same amount i've always used with any other brow gel on, and my eyebrows felt dry and crunchy. You could also tell I had something on them. Not a fan of that. I stopped using it for a couple days and picked it up again to try. I used a lighter hand and voila. I like it now. So be careful with this if you try it! Use a very light hand, it does not take much. I use both sides just for brows.

E.L.F under eye concealer and highligher duo 3-4$
I'm not crazy about the highlighter part. You can't tell its even on, so I dislike that end of the product. The concealer side on the other hand is great! I use it for my under eyes only. I did however, try it on some blemishes on my face, and it didn't work. The coverage is a little to light for that, and the formula is a little watery. But for my horrible dark circles, it worked great. The only other thing I dislike is, it dries REALLY fast. If you wait 5 seconds to long, it's very hard to blend out. But overall, good product. Good for brightening up your eyes and making you look more awake.

L-Concealer in Fair, R-Highlighter

Milani Liquifeye Eye Liner $5-6

My first milani eye liner from this line! I've heard roaring great reviews, so when I spotted it, I snatched it up right away. I wasn't dissappointed, but I don't agree with all the hype. The colors are gorgeous, and the pigment is AWESOME, but the staying power is just okay. After just like 2 or 3 hours, I could see I needed to re-apply it..I don't have time during the day to do that. In my purse eyeliner, is not one of the make-up items I bring with me to re-apply, just because..well, the eyeliner I generally wear, I don't have to do that. I will still probably use it, but not for a day at work when I really just don't have time to keep doing touch-ups. Although, I still do want to try a couple more colors. Maybe it was just the color. Maybe it was just a bad batch? I have no clue.


What do you think of these items if you have tried them? Especially the Milani liner. Do you have the same problem?

Thanks for reading you guys!!:) I am going shopping at Ulta today, so I will have another haul up in a couple days. YAY for shopping!

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kakuidori said...

i was staring at the pic of the eyeliner and about to add it to my wishlist but when you say it needs to be reapplied after this short time... nah...

glad youre back!!

Heather said...

thank you!
yeah its a shame! the pigment is so awesome on it but it kept fading on my water line:( I am going to try some more and see if they are all like that.

Dani said...

Hey girl! In response to your comment on my blog, the olay brush does rotate. I did not know that it would wear down the elastin! That does make sense if you press hard on your face with the brush though. I have heard so many good things about the Clarisonic but just cannot bring myself to spend the money on it. :/

Betzy's Makeup said...

Great haul:)

Every Day Rachel said...

Awesome to see you blogging again!

Boho Vanity said...

that color from milani is so nice, too bad you had to reapply.. quite odd for a liquid liner, huh?

x Jordan
- Boho Vanity -

Sarah said...

Nice haul! Too bad about the Miliani liner, it's such a great color.

Keep calm and carry lipstick.

sleepandwater said...

The Milani liner is such a pretty teal colour! That's too bad about the lasting power though. I've heard good things about ELF brushes as they're decent quality and affordable. The blending brush seems like a good option for those that don't want to spend too much on their brushes. Hope things at work are now less stressful and you're feeling better :)

UnA said...

wow I love that liner! Amazing haul doll!
LEt's follow each other if you don't mind!


Iridescent Colors said...

Nice haul, but on the Milani liner- I haven't tried them but I usually don't have time to reapply anything. So if it doesn't last- I am not buying lol. The Elf brushes from the studio line are generally good. I like most, not all of them. I especially like their "C" brush. :-)

lucia m said...

loving the liner!


Sandra said...

I love me some E.L.F brushes, they're excellent!

4utea said...

Wow that is quite a haul! UD shadows are the best in my opinion. Not lipgloss fan but they look gorgeous! cheap prom dresses

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