Small Ulta Haul! Urban Decay, Smashbox, and NYX

Hey ladies! As promised here is my Ulta Haul:) I didn't get as much as I would have liked but I did get a few really good products.

Urban Decay single eyeshadows in "Flash" and "Mushroom" 19.00$

Flash is a bright purple. Rich in pigment, looks gorgeous with brown eyes, and not over glittery like most UD shadows. I have been pairing it with Grifter to give it a more intense look. FOTD coming soon!

Mushroom is a really pretty Gunmetal/ Taupe color with specks of silver shimmer in it. It blends out really easily. I'm still playing around with this one, and to which look and colors I like best with it.

But I am LOVING Urban Decays new formula they are using in their eyeshadows. They have been pretty much revamping everything, and i'm a huge fan. They feel a lot smoother, do not have as much fall out, the pigment is still awesome, and they have a great satin. I also feel like they are a little bit easier to blend, but that's just my opinion! Let me know what you think!

Big Fatty Mascara
This mascara is another one of their cosmetics Urban Decay has re-formulated. I have never tried the original Big Fatty, so I don't really have much to compare it to, although I do like it better then their Super Curling Mascara and the Cannon Ball one as well..and I really like them! Ulta still has the original Big Fatty on display, so I did a brush comparison and I definitely like the newer version better. It is smaller, it has a spiked end so you can really get those inner and outer lashes. The bristles on it make it easy for the lashes to separate and fan out. As far as texture, it's really nice. It has jojoba oil in it to help moisturize the lashes which I LOVE. A big fear I have with mascaras, is it drying out my lashes and making them brittle. I do not see this happening with this mascara. It's very, very moisturizing so that is a huge plus in my book. How does it perform? It gives a little length to your lashes but if anything it makes them appear thicker, hold a curl longer, and it makes it look like I have double the amount of eyelashes.

Next I got:

The Smashbox Try it kit:

It features the

photo finish primer- I haven't tried this one enough to where I can give a true opinion. I will though!

eye pencil in onyx- I absolutely love this eyeliner! It goes on smooth, it did not smudge, the pigment was great, and it didn't irritate or itch my eyes.
Would I buy more of these eyeliners?

hyperlash mascara- great for seperating and lifting the lashes. VERY lengthening.
Would I buy the full size?
No. My eyelashes are extremely long. I go for mascaras more for the look of fuller/thicker lashes, and to seperate. If you want some lashes, this might be a good try for you though!

photo finish eye primer- One of my favorite eye primers! I had actually previously owned a full size of this, and ran out a while ago, so I was happy to get it in this kit. It does everything a primer should do, it prevents the shadows from creasing, keeps them vibrant all day, and I like the consistency of it. It reminds me of the lorac eye primer, if you have ever tried that one!

Would I buy the full size?
Yes. Although it dries a little quicker then some other primers, I can't find anything else wrong with it, and i'm happy with the outcome.

lipgloss in "Illume"-
These lipglosses are from the "Lip Enhancing" line, which I have a few of, and I love them. It's a nice sheer color, with subtle gold flecks. It's to TOO sticky, and it does have a light vanilla scent to it.

L- Onyx liner(love love love it) and Illume.

Would I buy the full size?
Yes! It's a great every day color, and I feel like I will get a lot of use out of it.

In addition to the kit, from Smashbox I also got a lipgloss from the same line, in the color "35MM"
I couldn't help it! It was literally calling to me. I don't have any lip products in this color, and although it's different for me, I really like it. It's a beautiful bronzey rose color, with the tiniest little sparkles in it that you can't even feel on your lips. I totally forgot to swatch this, but it will be in my favorites that I am posting very soon:)

The last item I picked up was from NYX. It was one of their "Slide on, Glide on" liners, in the color dark brown, and this is something I have heard bloggers and youtubers rave about..womp womp womp. Maybe I got a bad liner? I'm not sure. But it made my eyes beat red, itch like crazy, and totally irritated them. Which sucks! I put it on my hand next to UD's "Demolition" and it was a dupe. The UD one, actually rubbed off my hand first.

Have you tried the NYX eyeliners? What did you think?

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Heather said...

For the Illume lipgloss I meant not to sticky:P

Every Day Rachel said...

Your lucky you have really long lashes! Those eyeshadows are lovely!

sleepandwater said...

That's too bad about the NYX pencil! It sucks when we have a bad reaction to a product we really want to like. Mushroom is such a gorgeous colour, I've been seeing it on a few blogs and it seems like a popular shade (with good reason!) :)

262Trinity said...

Ohhhh, i want that smashbox kit! :)

maddi3 said...

Love the Urban Decay shadows! And I love the NYX Slide on Glide on pencils, I'm sorry to hear they irritated you :/

Love your blog as well ma'am! Will be following ;D

Amanda said...

The new UD formulas are awesome. I just purchased the Build Your Own Palette, with Scratch and Freelove.

les jolies said...

the kit is so amazing.

From Paris with love!
Kristina recently posted.. Yes, I do mon amour!.

kakuidori said...

still havent got my first ud product XD
and that smashbox try it kit looks really interesting, too!


Salha said...

The urban Decay eyeshadows looks so gorgeous!! I love the colours! And I'd love to try out the Smashbox products! :)

p.s. I hope you will check out my fashion blog too,
if you have time! :)

Much love,
The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

maya said...

I really like smashbox products! They're totally underrated imo.

Would you like to follow each other?


Sarah said...

Nice haul, those UD eyeshadows are gorgeous! I especially like Flash. I'll have to try it out! :)

Keep calm and carry lipstick.

Roses and Rockets said...

Wow that is quite a haul! UD shadows are the best in my opinion. Not lipgloss fan but they look gorgeous!

4utea said...

Nice haul, but on the Milani liner- I haven't tried them but I usually don't have time to reapply anything. So if it doesn't last- I am not buying lol. The Elf brushes from the studio line are generally good. I like most, not all of them. I especially like their "C" brush. :-) cheap prom dresses

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