Review: Primed and Poreless Pure by Too Faced

Hey guys! I'm back today with another review. Today I will be reviewing another product I featured in a recent haul. It's Too Faced newest primer called "Primed and Poreless Pure." It's supposed to be a revamped formula from their original Primed and Poreless but now formulated for those with sensitive, acne- prone, oily/combination skin.

The packaging is nice and hygienic. It comes in a squeeze tube, which is great. It's nice and easy to keep clean and it's 100% leak proof, so it is definitely travel safe.

The texture is a colorless, fragrance-free, oil-free, gel that is very silky and soft feeling. One of the new ingredients for sensitive skin is Sepi-Calm, which soothes red/inflamed skin.

One of the differences i've noticed between this and the original is that the silicone/gel feels much thicker, but it still doesn't feel heavy/cakey. It doesn't ball up after a few hours leaving a creepy looking foundation, and it really does leave for a nice base for make-up application. The biggest perks i've noticed with this primer, is how well it conceals pores. I don't have crazy big pores, but they definitely need to be filled in and smoothed out or else they will show through my foundation. So I was impressed with this, and how well it controlled oil through out the day. My foundation stayed in place, and kept my face looking fresh and matte.

This is a product I WOULD re-purchase, and I would def. recommend to others.

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Betzy's Makeup said...

Great review

Roses and Rockets said...

I need to try this out, I have such a big problem with my pores!

Amanda said...

I bought this a while ago and I love it!

sleepandwater said...

Sounds like a nice product! Especially if it's been reformulated for sensitive/acne-prone skin and it reduces the appearance of pores :)

EyeGraffiti said...

Hm, i have the original and didn't like it at all since the silicone in it makes the make up move around like bambi on ice!! So if you say the silicone part is thicker, than i should look away from this one.
But it was a very good review and now i don't have to think about if the new formula is silicone free haha!!/Azure

Heather said...

I'm glad it helped! My foundation has luckily stayed put.

kakuidori said...

oh, looks like a great product! i will try to find it somewhere around to try, too!


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